Wednesday, 13 April 2016

We play football but....


Football is still a game distant from capturing the imaginations of the aam aadmi(or the common man) in India.The situation is not different in my village(not necessarily a village ,but a small town) .A child in India is born into a family of legacies that have long stood with the gentleman's game.Rarely do we find a person who prefers football to cricket.

Two seasons of the newly brought in Indian Super League has certainly spurted a new wave and unnaturally the period of football being played in our ground has persisted to 6 months.Earlier we played football only when the World Cup started.But the interest has obviously grown. One or two would be at the ground by evening 4'o clock but not until 5.45 does the game start.Our ground is adjoined with a church and hardly can it hold a 7 a side game.We have cut posts with 1m*0.5m iron rods.

The quality of the game is mediocre but two or three moves are intelligent enough.You would see guys running into defenders and creeping into lazy mode too often.There are wrangles ,there are fouls still ,there exist a camaraderie.Another thing is that,the church bell takes the position of a referee with the 6.30 pm bell acting as the final whistle.We play football but a majority are unaware of the footballing world with just one or two taking it serious.All of us follow World Cups but none really give a thought to  leagues and club football.

The history of our village is rich with the present 50's generation playing and loving the beautiful game during their youth but they lost their passion in coping with increased family burdens and looking for a lesser risky livelihood.Yes I can affirmatively tell taking football as a career is a gamble.But still once you pass all the obstacles it takes you to a different level.So talking about our village's history ,in the 90's there was a professional football club Hunter's FC that organised local tournaments where even Indian internationals got a chance to prove their mettle.The ground that used to be the club's was later seized by the temple authorities after a  legal suit and wave of football was tamed by religious whims.

And it's  now that the once aflame passion for  football has ignited again.The ongoing Indian Premier League(cricket) has led to a lose in interest and the ground is now divided into two ,one side with cricket and the other side with football.You could even see people in football kits taking out bouncers and yorkers. So we play football but then cricket comes in from nowhere and demolish all the interest that has grown over days.