Monday, 30 January 2017

3 step guide to Improve your game

This is a 3 step quick guide to realign your mind to improve your game.

1)Play and practice daily

Thought you would reach the top of your game without playing daily?Sorry my brother, you are mistaken.
I would advice you to practice for 1 hr a day and play a minimum half hour game.Don't skip any aspect of the practice and play concept.It is the key to unravel your footballing skills.
Why practice?-Refine your technical skills.After all do a drill as many times that you won't get it wrong on the field.
Why play?-You maybe able to say a speech in front of your mirror but to a crowd of 100 in a hall, it is certainly nervous right?This is what happens when you are perfect on the practice field but fail to impress in the main team.The mentality to do the right thing at the right time can only be gained through experience.So match experience matters a lot.

2)Have a long term plan

Aim a target like playing in the first eleven for a championship or if you are the first team aim at the number of goals you should score for a season.This plan is to keep you motivated throughout.Day in day out dream of that goal to be achieved.Our mind is so powerful that  we coalesce into that plan over days.

3)Work hard in silence

Work hard in silence,let your Lambhorghini make the sound.You might reach the checkpoints that you had marked but don't be happy or contented till the penultimate dream is achieved.Not money,not trophies but to realise your full potential and to be on top of your game on every single day.

All the best Dreamer.